War Storm PDF Download

War Storm PDF Download

By: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


I started the Red Queen series about a month ago. After I read the first 3 books in four days. Took me two days to read War storm. Even though War Storm didn't end exactly how I wanted it to, it was an awesome ending to an amazing series. These books are so good and I highly recommend the read. Very sad the journey is done.


This is just perfect. The ending shows just how strong Mare really is, not only her ability, but her will as well.


The realistic emotions and relationships have developed into the best part of the series but the plot is where I felt the book fell short. The plot was a meandering stream where all the fight/war scenes lost their charm because of their uniformity. I kept expecting Mare to pick herself up by her bootstraps and assert herself as our heroine but I found that she faded into the background of the conflict except where Cal was concerned (and after all we don’t want to read about boring people but extraordinary people who change the world around them). The complexity of emotions was rich and made each character intriguing, especially as they’ve changed through the series, but overall I expected something more climatic.

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I pre-ordered this book with great excitement. I have finished reading it and it was truly painful to get through. I didn't think things could be worse than King's Cage when Mare was held prisoner for two-thirds of the book. I was definitely wrong. The author seemed to try too hard to be overly descriptive. I found myself nodding off several times. What a waste. To end a series with such a snooze fest is just disheartening. Not worth the money I spent nor the anticipated.


The series were incredibly captivating, and this book mainted that feeling until about two-thirds of the way. I was disappointed at the ending, it hit a very anti-climatic tone that did not resonate with the characteristics of the book. Aveyard treid to weave in the idealistic society that she thinks looks like present world and she failed to incorporate with the personality of the story. *Spoilers ahead* Norta and neighbouring countries would not be balanced with the democratic ways of today, not with how there is an intrinsic divide in abilities rather than an external tool such as capital. The democratic model should not have been introduced as the majority of power is against it, there was no resolution in that approach. The countries will be imbalanced for a long time despite what Jon tried to avoid.


Finished it in about 5 hours. I couldn’t put it down!


What an incredible conclusion to such a well developed series. The ending is bittersweet, but one that surprisingly makes sense. This has always been a darker story and though Mare Barrow makes an unlikely and at times frustrating heroine, her journey was a treasure to read. I couldn’t imagine a more satisfying end to this series. Couldn’t put it down from the moment I got the pre order notification!




Dissapointing to see the love story between Cal and Mare play out; there was no real conclusion, to whether or not they would end up together or not.


I didn’t realize there was another book in the series. After all the pandering in King’s Cage, I doubt Victoria Aveyard can recover the beautiful story and writing from the first two books. One can only hope.


I pre-ordered this book last year and it’s still making me pay for it.


I have wanted for this book for months but when I finished the book I was disappointed in the author and just the plot of the book. Definitely not a good way to end the series that I have been in love with